Our Story

Our Journey

Aaina is the creation of emerging designer and entrepreneur, Sanchari. For Sanchari, what started as a hobby four years back transformed into a passion that launched this atypical Start-up in designer apparel and custom-made apparel in 2013; which is now at the epoch of a nationwide launch of its designer clothing line (from casual wear to semi-formal wear) through its own website and through major online shopping platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon.

How it all started – message from Sanchari – “Since my college freshman days, I was always into styling and accessorizing myself and my friends for parties and outings; and used to receive compliments for it from the very generous people around me; but I never really took any serious note of it until about four years back. I still remember – It was the summer of 2011, and I was out shopping for the right fabric for a wedding dress of my cousin’s lovely fiancée. I stepped into this large fabric wholesaler store, and Wow! – That was the Eureka moment! I had never seen such a huge collection and variety of fabric, laid before my eyes. I could instantly make combinations and visualize designs in my mind, an experience which was absolutely new to me. I just knew, I had to do something with it.

Initially, I explored opportunities to becoming a stylist, like … under a fashion magazine or ad agency. Designing and selling clothes from scratch and that too as a business came to me a lot later. I felt, what the current market had to offer ... I mean in terms of business-casual wear or for special occasions, either lagged behind on “trendy” or offered a price point that kept a large fraction of customers at bay. The modern Indian women simply deserved better access to premium clothing. So, for a year or so, I started by designing custom-made dresses meant for special occasions, for my friends, family, and friends of friends.

Being from a humble background, I literally did not have any significant capital to start with; so, any earnings from designing and selling the custom-made dresses went straight back into the business, from buying fabric to paying tailors to office supplies. What I had, was the unparalleled and unrelenting support of my family; it was with their help that I created a boutique out of the storage room of my parent’s apartment, and officially registered Aaina in the November of 2013. With my brother’s encouragement (in cash and in kind) :) I started to envision a future with exciting possibilities – imagining a journey that involved building a nationwide designer apparel brand, to usher in an era of designer clothing accessible to every woman... and we promise to always listen closely, keep it real, and keep evolving to bring the very best to you in fashion and comfort.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers a second skin that builds confidence and transcends fashion in a seamless blend of style and comfort, and that inspires today’s women to express their individuality. We strive every day to create a premium clothing experience, at a great price point; and we define this premium experience through our product, our presentation, and our service.


Our Inspiration

The very creation of Aaina was motivated by the need to develop a unique platform that can translate the figments of designers’ imagination into premium clothing available to every Indian woman, and not only the privileged few. Starting with custom-made dresses specially tailored to exemplify your individuality, Aaina has ventured into launching casual, festive, and business-casual clothing lines with a theme that blends ethnic artistry and contemporary designs, and with fabric choices that defines a new era in super-comfort climate-aware fashion.




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